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Twenty-eight days later, a man named Jim wakes up from a coma in an empty hospital.

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There hasn't been any rain for several weeks despite all the collection receptacles they've placed on the tower's roof. At one point, the group have to stop at a rural burger shack to collect petrol to refuel the taxi, and while they are there, Jim is attacked by and kills an infected little boy when he is alone.

Selena turns to Jim and wonders aloud, "Do you think he saw us this time? Frank shows Jim and Selena a repeating military radio broadcast which claims that there are soldiers offering other survivors protection at the forty-second blockade outside Manchester and who have "the answer to infection.

A trio of animal rights activists break into the laboratory where the chimps are being held to collect evidence of the inhumane experimentation, capturing a local scientist at the lab in the process.

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The synopsis below may give away important plot points. There, Jim overhears Farrell theorise that in actuality there is no global pandemic of infection and that Britain has been quarantined and the rest of the world is continuing normally, which in turn gives Jim hope. The soldiers subsequently take Jim, Selena and Hannah through the nearby woods to their base at a secluded mansion which they have fortified against the infected.

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As night falls, the group set up camp for the night at the ruin, and Jim has a nightmare of his worst fear - being alone. She warns that should he become infected, she will kill him "in a heartbeat. As Hannah goes into shock, Selena and Jim reach out to each other romantically.

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Selena and Hannah rush Jim into a deserted hospital, where Selena performs life-saving emergency procedures. They run after him, however Jim has hidden himself among the pile of corpses they were going to throw him and Farrell upon. Selena and Mark tell Jim he should be grateful his family died peacefully, unlike Selena and Mark's own families in the rage pandemic, and the trio subsequently decide to stay in the house for the night. Afterwards, one of the soldiers, Mitchell , tries to force himself on Selena until Sergeant Farrell violently gets him to stop, and Major West subsequently takes Jim aside to talk to him in private. As he leaves the hospital, he discovers London is completely deserted and rife with signs of catastrophe. Jim insists on going to his parents' house. Hannah commandeers the cab and backs it up to the front door with West inside, where the infected Mailer drags West screaming out though the rear window and back into the house. The next day, as two soldiers lead the prisoners into the woods to be executed, Selena and Hannah are trapped as the soldiers circle, wanting to begin raping them. Twenty-eight days later, a man named Jim wakes up from a coma in an empty hospital.

When they realize that a horde of infected are on their way, they frantically change the tire and race out. When Mitchell tries to rape Selena, Jim goes into a rage and attacks, taking Mitchell by surprise by brutally beating the vicious soldier to death.

He observes the contrails of a jet aircraft flying high overhead and realizes that someone in the outside world is still functioning.

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