About mumbai city essay

About mumbai city essay

Now Mumbai is the hub of cinema and entertainment. People from other parts of India come here to earn their living and make money. How so many people from different cultures, states and countries can call this one city their home? The city also has big multiplexes and malls to meet the needs of its residents. My today's dish was impromptu but it came out real winner in the end. Mumbai is the also the birthplace of the Hindi cinema. After India's independence in , the territory of the Bombay Presidency retained by India was restructured into Bombay State.

The territories were later surrendered on 25 October Through this brief article, I would like to take the opportunity to introduce the non-Indian audience to the magical city of Mumbai. In the suburbs, the soil cover is largely alluvial and loamy.

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But most houses have kitchens and electricity. Western line, central line and harbor line. The name Mumbai is derived from Goddess Mumba Devi. As of today the population of Mumbai is approximately 13 million, with a staggering density of roughly 29, persons per square kilometer. Bombay emerged as a significant trading town during the midth century. I am sure you must be wondering what is this jim November to February are the months of winter. Here life is about how people mix the high end branded clothes with high street fashion. The most common image of the city and the one the world knows about is the slums. Be it travelling in the same crowded local trains, sharing a flat with some strangers due to tight budgets or standing up together during terrorist attacks, people embrace this city and its residents. Mumbai is the most populated city in the all of India and the home of world renowned Bollywood, yet there are still many that have never even heard of the city.

In the late s, Nariman Point and Cuffe Parade were reclaimed and developed. From onwards, the city was reshaped with large-scale civil engineering projects aimed at merging all the seven islands of Bombay into a single amalgamated mass by way of a causeway called the Hornby Vellardwhich was completed by The city that never sleeps.

On 12 Marcha series of 13 co-ordinated bombings at several city landmarks by Islamic extremists and the Bombay underworld resulted in deaths and over injuries. Present-day Mumbai was originally a group seven islands, and artifacts found near Kandivali, in northern Mumbai indicate that these islands had been inhabited since the Stone Age.

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Almost all the famous starts of India reside in Mumbai in the suburbs.

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