Advantages and disadvantages of internet essay for spm

advantages of internet in points

A virus is nothing but a program which disrupts the normal functioning of your computer systems. Music, hobbies, news and more can be found and shared on the Internet. To sum up, the Internet changed our life in a positive way and made our life more convenient than before.

People who have online businesses need not open shops or employ many workers. For example bikers doing the unnecessary stunts, people doing the jump over the trains and other life threatening stuffs. We can also listen to the latest hit songs and music.

It is very easy to educate from others who are experts and professionals via the social media.

advantages and disadvantages of internet essay for class 9

These sites are very harmful to the kids, and may incite them to act out sexually against other ones. Most of the time, Television and print media these days are biased and does not convey the true message.

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