An account of events during the infamous indonesian invasion and occupation of east timor

An account of events during the infamous indonesian invasion and occupation of east timor

Nothing is settled. An Australian-led U. East Timor is mainly Catholic. The bulk of these reports were not published. The work drew from an enormous range of archival and published sources, however without the benefit of non-Portuguese historical and anthropological studies. The perspective was the Lisbon interpretation of history, and the authors almost exclusively used Portuguese sources. Thesis, Leiden University, Knaap built further on a rising interest for early colonial ports, in turn connected with increasing attention to maritime history, and showed in detail how a small VOC city followed a European organizational layout but was by and by adapted to the Southeast Asian context. My translation. Stefan Dietrich is another author who has blended anthropological and historical analysis, notably in Kolonialismus und Mission auf Flores ca. Their hostile view of the Balinese rule on Lombok, their slightly ironical edge, and the non-use of indigenous sources, nevertheless detract from their usefulness as pieces of research. A different approach was taken by Frederik de Clercq who presented a plain historical chronology in his Bijdragen tot de kennis der Residentie Ternate , essentially a collection of data with very little analysis. The hefty issues of the Dutch periodicals of the nineteenth and first half of the twentieth century, referred to above, contained both.

It was the Howard government in Australia that first proposed to Habibie in December to hold a referendum on autonomy not independence. It was only with the advent of the New Order after that histories of individual Indonesian regions were again written to a degree.

Knowledge of Dutch, the language of much of the source material, was discouraged, which inevitably had consequences for the production of new historical research.

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Clercq, F. Detaq, Y. Some of these evoked attention among the Dutch public and inspired historical studies to trace the background of the encounter.

indonesian occupation of east timor

The eastern parts of the island nation were seldom visited by Western scholars, and educated Indonesians could still not quite fill the role of the old colonial Indologen. East Timor is very poor with relatively few economic resources although the coffee and potential natural gas and oil reserves in the Timor Gap are large.

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Indonesia invades East Timor