An analysis of jimmy carters application of human rights in the us foreign policy

The case of Nicaragua illustrates the difficulties the Humanitarian Association due to the administrations inconsistent application of human rights policies when strategic Cold War interests were concerned.

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A document written by Patricia Derain to the acting Sectary of State Warren Christopher illustrates how the administration had failed in applying human rights policy consistently in Latin America due to the lack of focus on Nicaragua.

This resulted in countless human rights violations. March 21 Human Rights. New York: Random House. When details of the attack came to light, the U. Hard-liners in China were replaced by communists who were more interested in economic growth than in military confrontations.

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He wanted to combine these with diplomacy, reductions in aid and reductions in arms sales Dumbrell, in order to take a harder stance against nations who abused human rights. This approach failed, with Vietnam the best example of its intellectual and moral poverty. Indeed, Brzezinski came to dominate the policy making process with his hawkish tendencies due to his willingness to engage in political battle within the Oval Office Kaufman, Williams, S. Oxford: Routledge. Hanne van Brienen , Jul 8 , views This content was written by a student and assessed as part of a university degree. Policy on Human Rights. Recognition of China Carter continued to expand American contacts with communist China, granting the communist regime formal diplomatic recognition on January 1, This resulted in countless human rights violations. New York: Bloomsbury. Foreign affairs. The statement from Douglas Bennet does have some truth behind it as the Chinese were highly defensive when it came to the situation in Cambodia. Codifying MeToo Into International Law Besides prompting the creation of a permanent Select Committee on Intelligence in the Senate, these revelations led some members of Congress to put human rights front and center in a move to gain greater oversight of executive branch actions, writes David Forsythe in his book "Human Rights and U.

Inthe legislative branch also mandated an annual report by the secretary of state concerning "respect for internationally recognized human rights in each country proposed as a recipient of U. Edwards, G.

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Jimmy Carter, Human Rights and the Cold War