An analysis of lord byrons she walks in beauty

Stanza : A stanza is the poetic form of some lines. For Lord Byron, beauty is both inner beauty and outer beauty.

she walks in beauty tone

Third Stanza Throughout this poem the concentration has been on the head, hair and face of the woman. Using the tradition, both from cavalier poetry and neo-classical poetry, he defines beauty.

she walks in beauty literary devices

It rather speaks of her private thoughts and her face other than the walk. He also fought in the Greek War of Independence, where he was considered a national hero by the Greeks.

He further illustrates a silent expression by the describing her entire face keeping her lips, brows and cheeks under the spotlight.

The poet values the presence of shadows and the lights that strike the face of the lady so perfectly.

she walks in beauty theme

If we observe the form of this poem, neo-classical tradition has been continued.

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Analysis of She Walks in Beauty by Lord Byron