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For, as the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein once stated, "Language may be necessary for abstract thought, at some level anyway; but states like pain are more primitive, and have nothing to do with language" One such author made the correlation of taking slaves out of Africa and showing them the modern world of America, "On the whole, since it is evident beyond all controversy that the removal of the Africans, from the state of brutality, wretchedness and misery, in which they are at home so deeply involved, to this land of light Singer wants to extend this view to all animals, both human and nonhuman alike, by allowing that, " This is noted because there is an argument which is commonly used that states that adult humans have more capacity for suffering because they can anticipate some sort of pain they might receive in the future.

This movement is called the health movement, and it emphasizes healthy living rather than a cure from medicine.

While it is true that no one characteristic — except a common humanity — is shared by all humans, it does not preclude the fact that there could be some combination of characteristics that are shared by the majority of the population. Studies such as these can last up to weeks. Next, Singer makes the argument as to why equality is a moral idea and not an assertion of fact by going through the problems of claims made in defense of racism, sexism, and arguments against the equality of all humans. As our minds our warped to believe that animals are nonsocial, nonintelligent, and nonfeeling beings, we begin to accept much of what is happening in the world around us. This is true because there are other, more nutritional, ways to meet our needs. The eye is then held closed. Source The Principle of Equality Extends to All Beings As Singer has stated, his argument is not for the equality of human beings, but for the equality of all beings--both human and nonhuman. This principle gives rights to humans in their own respect; a boy in the United States should be taught mathematics and a boy in Africa should be taught hunting, if this is what their society compels them to do or become. Although it is fairly natural for people to use species membership as a criterion of moral importance, Singer thinks the obvious parallels with racism are so striking as to clearly invalidate that natural impulse. Clearly farming animals for protein is an inefficient means of production. I think the most compelling of facts is that eating meat and animal dairy products is bad for the human body. Singer rebuts this by giving us an example drawing parallels between an animal suffering and his daughter suffering. Source Animals Raised for Consumption Chapter three of Singer's Animal Liberation is all about how animals are massively produced on factory farms for human consumption. No matter how we may try to look at it, not all humans are equal. This premise means that if an nonhuman is suffering, we should take it into consideration and try to minimize the pain.

He was aware of Jane Goodall's observations of orphaned wild chimpanzees in which she described many behavioral disturbances, along with sadness and depression. However, the true dilemma arises when considering the relationship of equality between humans and nonhumans.

The Animal Rights Movement Such changes can be attributed to animal activists and modern technology. These experiments and similar research has all been paid by taxpayers " The experimenters wanted to see how long the monkeys can continue to 'fly' after being exposed to lethal or sublethal doses of radiation or to chemical warfare agents.

IF this happens to be the case, are we still okay with discrimination against that group? Furthermore, I agree that since there are other means of getting the nutrition that we need, people should make an effort to eat less meat. The main animals discussed in this chapter are chickens, cows, and pigs; chickens being used for egg production and meat, and cows being used for dairy and meat. The second one asserts that equality is a moral state, which cannot depend on the factual statements about intelligence or other capacities of these beings. Firstly, he argues that, assuming all humans …show more content… The comparison Singer draws here is granting men the right to abortion — biologically irrelevant. Because they are aware of their own existence over time, persons are vulnerable to special forms of suffering that sentient non-persons cannot experience. Roy Dehart, Commander, U. Singer defines a person or a creature with personhood as a creature that is aware of its own persistence over time. All page numbers refer to the article. The pig is actually known to be smarter than a dog; a dog being more intelligent than a young child.

It doesn't tell us to stop discriminating. These proofs indicate the gap between the human understanding of other species existence on the Earth, on the one hand, and the necessity of such extension of the basic principle of equality to non-human beings in addition, on the other hand.

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Therefore, different beings should be treated in different ways and granted the different rights. By doing this we cause additional suffering for animals.

Singer rebuts this by giving us an example drawing parallels between an animal suffering and his daughter suffering. What has Singer taught us here, if anything? The end of the chapter pleads and implores people to become vegetarians. To make his case he must overcome claims towards speciesim. The strength of this statement lies in the example that there is no need to give the right of vote to the animals as they do not demand it by their existence and present physical capacities. Conclusively, the comprehension of the equality as the moral ideal provides the essential support for the defense of animals and other beings to protect them appropriately. Extending to animals the same moral consideration we extend to humans means that we give the interests of animals the same weight as comparable interests of humans. Clearly farming animals for protein is an inefficient means of production. Lets just say i'm much happier with draft 6 than I was with draft 1. And, in nearly every United States experiment, researchers are receiving their money from the taxes that the common American pays. Studies such as these can last up to weeks. Chapter two shows that there are many horrors when it comes to animal testing, but that the elimination process has started. Singer is content to accept that consequence, but it is important that he show why the exclusion of some humans by his criterion is not problematic, given that he has criticized other criteria for their exclusions: this is what his negative argument tries to do. This chapter intends to lift the veil. Sometimes the application is repeated"
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An Argument for Animal Rights and an Analysis of Peter Singer's "Animal Liberation"