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System displays an appropriate message and offers customer Press "Cancel" key the option of choosing to do another transaction or not. The dispensing of cash is also recorded in the ATM's log. In the design below, each class is developed in isolation. Step 5: If the system determines that the card has been reported lost or stolen, the system confiscates the card.

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Some classes were discovered when doing CRC cards o o o o Message - used to represent a message to the bank. The connection to the bank will be shut down. The ATM interacts with the customer to gather transaction information sends the transaction information to the central computer for validation and processing and dispenses cash to the customer. We only specified that ATMs must dispense cash but we should not preclude the possibility of printing checks or accepting cash or checks. The design of the simulation package is discussed briefly, and its code may be accessed here if you want to see it. A deposit transaction can be cancelled by the customer pressing the Cancel key any time prior to inserting the envelope containing the deposit. The send method of NetworkToBank constructs a concrete instance that contains the information appropriate to the response received from the bank to a particular message. Page of links for non frames-enabled browsers. Step 3: If the system determines that the maximum allowable daily withdrawal amount has been exceeded, it displays an apology and ejects the card. Maintenance This page lists various changes that might be made to the system. The object representing the machine itself responsible for the System Startup and Shutdown use cases Objects representing a customer session one per session responsible for the Session use case Objects representing an individual transaction one per transaction responsible for the Transaction use case, use cases for the specific types of transaction, and Invalid PIN extension.

The subpackage transaction contains the classes used to represent individual transactions that a customer initiates. Perfective Maintenance When the customer's card is retained, an entry should be made in the log to this effect.

Receipt - used to encapsulate information to be printed on a receipt. If all checks are successful, system authorizes dispensing of cash. Network connection to the bank. We may also want to provide the edibility to operate on accounts of different customers although it is not required yet.

The goal of use cases is to capture all system-level functions that the users envision. While this seems unlikely, it is conceivalbe in some cases that a distracted customer might make this mistake.

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