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Circulation was estimated at around two million. The poet that Shapiro said he most admired was William Carlos Williams. And poetry pursues human personal knowledge and calls itself the love of beauty. True poetry memorializes the scene, the time and place, and the world takes this as tribute. Many emotions that come with disaster do not leave the heart or soul abruptly; they linger, until something else occurs. This liaison results in the two false uses of art …: the one that makes the poet a man of the people, or a man who leads people, or a man who makes the whole world kin, or a man who states universal truths. In the other camp it becomes anathema to write anything which does not add to a symbolic system of ideas, or which does not code or decode the mythos of culture. In the car crash, Shapiro is mysti fied at how technocratized humanity has, on a daily basis, replicated a product usually thought to belong to nature: chance. The artist is the only person whose work immortalizes life itself—his life and the lives of those who happen into the picture. Assassinations of two major political figures, not two months apart, stunned the nation, spattering all that the country knew about denouement across a balcony in Atlanta and a hotel kitchen in Los Angeles. Karl Shapiro Source Karl Shapiro and a Summary of Auto Wreck Auto Wreck is a poem that concentrates on a "live" car accident and brings the reader directly into contact with the consequences of such a violent, horrific scenario.

A man at the height of his powers may produce his worst work. These public, peaceful displays of African-American determination for equal rights and the violent opposition of some whites to their reasonable demands helped President Lyndon Johnson gain support for the Civil Rights Act of and the Voting Rights Act of This may be the basis for supposing that poets are better than other people.

It is a commentary on a modern phenomena, that of the highway smash, and is full of vivid imagery.

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Poetic reputation has to do with the fact that value is attributed to a particular piece of work. Karl Shapiro In the following excerpt, Shapiro himself describes what it means to be a poet. They are asking serious questions despite wanting to be light-hearted, to make light of such things happening in the locality.

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And the other that makes the poet a purveyor of myths, an oracle, a seer, an almost-philosopher, an aristocrat of the spirit, a being who perceives transcendental relationships. On the other hand, there are certain works which are taken as touchstones of the age in which they appear. We inhabit a world of cause and effect, simple physics, so why do we have to experience such illogical fatalities? The unpredictability and grimness of it are conveyed well in Karl Shapiro's poem, "Auto Wreck". With poetry, as with other forms of knowledge, there is no crossing the line, no violation of the nature of the thing, without contamination. All of the latter have a reason or are relatively easy to understood causes of death but a car crash comes out of the blue; death is random and the reasons are hidden. Our pride in him is the pride of created identity. History indeed is the vital core of civilization: it gives us the symbology of our lives.

With poetry, as with other forms of knowledge, there is no crossing the line, no violation of the nature of the thing, without contamination.

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Essay Sharpios "auto Wreck": The Theme Of Death