Basic electricity and electronice lab report

Electric circuit lab report example

As I read the introduction, I'll be looking for information about why the results of the experiment are important. Lab reports usually don't include references; however, as a student, you may refer to information from your textbook and lectures for some reports. Each waveform has a unique y-axis scaling knob. Connect two voltage leads across in parallel with the two points where voltage should be measured. You need to include certain ingredients to make them succeed. Every scope comes with a variety of channels. You've just watched JoVE's introduction to electrical safety and basic electronic equipment.

To help you describe your lab thoroughly, assume you're writing for a peer in your class, a student who knows what the instruments are, but who doesn't know any of the details of what you're doing.

Colorado State University. In a way, it's like telling the ingredients for a cake without revealing the steps necessary to combine and bake them.

Turn on the function generator output. You may also be required to include or exclude specific information.

Basic electricity and electronice lab report

The most common are two- and four-channel scopes, but newer scopes can have eight channels. References Lab reports may or may not include references. Separate higher power equipment and connections from lower power equipment, such as microcontrollers, to avoid both interference and electrical interconnections between sensitive electronic devices and higher power devices.

Project reports usually document more than results. It sets the framework or overview for the rest of the report.

Oscilloscope probes connect to the BNC connectors on the scope interface, and each channel displays a single waveform. Bodily contact with high voltage and current can cause muscular spasms, burns, cardiac arrest, and even death.

The study of polar dielectric liquid bridges requires a high-intensity electric field between two beakers of fluid.

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Sample Lab Report of Electronic Circuit