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You just need to be sure to order the correct universal parts for your bike.

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So, remove it immediately, take it outside and give it a sound thrashing with a hammer. It basically have 2 or 3 mounting bolts, that will not match with anything on your bike frame.

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And as for paint, I'm with Henry Ford. If, however, you feel the need to buy exhaust bandage, seek medical help. Take a wire brush and brush in all the cracks and crevices on the frame and brush out any parts that have thick, caked-on oil and dirt usually the bottom. Take pictures before you take anything off, it saves so much time and frustration in the end. European motorcycles make beautiful cafe racers, but be warned that they are much more complicated than other bikes; they are more expensive, use random threads some have neither metric or english , and the parts are more difficult to find. All these questions and plenty more should be getting asked at this point. Just make sure the site is credible and you purchase the right size you can check the size on old tires. But thanks to the popularity of CR's, there are lots of universal fit rear set kits out there, so get creative. Once you have everything hooked up properly, try to hide as much of the wiring as possible.

No, I haven't gone nuts, but nothing detracts from envisioning your cafe racer, like a pair of cow horns. This is really starting from the ground up. Basically, what we have right now is a motorcycle with a bare naked frame, just a fuel tank, an engine and some wheels.

I once had a friend who attempted to restore a motorcycle and just threw all of his bolts and nuts into a bucket.

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Yes, I know we haven't touched on the front and back mudguards yet but whether you run them or not is down to you, your state laws and the amount of precipitation you get. The mounting machine scrapes all the way around the rim to take the old tire off and again to get the new tire on.

A third alternative and the quick fix answer is to buy a small fly screen.

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