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It's a lot cheaper to keep them in a 9 by 6 cell instead of paying the attorneys' fees and all the other costs that go with a capital trial. Since civil rights come from agreeing to the contract by both parties, those who choose to violate their contractual obligations, such as by committing crimes, abdicate their rights, and the rest of society can be expected to protect itself against the actions of criminals.

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Some governments use it to silence their opponents. The suggestion that reviews of the fairness of a trial ought to be abandoned in capital cases, due to economics or plain ignorance, reveals an indecently avid rush to kill people and would lead to many miscarriages of justice if it were to be adopted.

Is the death penalty effective

However, the Mahabharata contains passages arguing against the use of the death penalty in all cases. A majority of Protestant sects in the United States have upheld the necessity of the death penalty for heinous crimes according to selective interpretation of the Bible. The death penalty is a flawed and unfair system due to racism, not accurately understanding mental illnesses, and not taking into account the development of the human brain and the elements of age and IQ The sentence is referred to as death sentence. Mirza made news in the United Kingdom as he was a British man who was jailed in Pakistan in for killing a taxi driver. Whether Lev. It furthermore removes all possibility of rehabilitating the offender and successfully reintroducing the offender back into society. In fact, any system that recognizes its own fallibility has no business killing people. But as many families who have lost loved ones have said, the death penalty cannot genuinely relieve their suffering. Amnesty International 9. There are scores of individuals who believe that eyes and teeth ought to be exactly exchanged in the case of murder, and an unsurprising majority of them invoke some religious scripture as their justification. Ray Krone, an Arizonan who was the th person to be exonerated from death row in the United States, was found not guilty of the murder and rape of a bar manager over DNA evidence in

The possibility of executing the innocent is of serious concern, especially outside of the West. Statements such as "an eye for an eye" come to mind. The extended trials often lag and delay judicial duties and deprive attention to other cases.

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Amnesty International 9. The Death Penalty has many risks and executing innocent people is one of them. It just extends that suffering to the family of the condemned person. For those who take murder seriously, this definition of guilt ought not be satisfactorily sufficient for the serious decision of killing somebody. The death penalty is an antiquated process onto which America should not hold. In some cases, special or military courts set up through counter-terrorism laws have sentenced civilians to death, undermining international standards. Nonetheless, the death penalty looms large in discussions: it raises important moral questions independent of the number of executions The death penalty can only be viewed as extended self-defense with an indeterminate certainty that separates real self defense from the stupidly unique type of self defense that the death penalty is proposed to be. The Declaration of Independence, a document respected by every American, states that every person has the natural right to live; hence, by executing a person, even a criminal, the state violates this right. In other words, when a crime is committed by an individual, particularly within a democracy, the social contract between the state and the population in this case just the violator has been violated. Human rights apply to the best of us — and the worst of us.

The unfortunate part for many of the statistics is that few statistics with such trends exist, and of the few that do, no correlation is explained, only assumed. Two problems exist with this information.

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The Death Penalty: An Opinion Essay