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As a result from all this research, it ecomes important to examine just how much violence is in video games popular with youth. If a child was asked what a gun was, they would be able to identify it from the GI Joe they were playing with. This conclusion was made through my critical analysis of marketing, colour choices, layout, and cost in regards to the toys.

Parents should also limit the use of violent items in their household to reduce chances of their child becoming obsessed.

These dolls can push boundaries on how suggestive their marketing can get. Despite the growing concern, children still seem to be spending more time playing video games.

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Socrates used oral arguing to cross-examine people, asking them to define an idea or concept and through argument, improve their answer to give a better definition and thus gain wisdom; this The British Invasion, Folk Singers and and their influence s Rock Music words - 8 pages popularity decreased, and many of the groups moved onto different sounds and other groups like the Rolling Stones and the Kinks debuted with Rhythm and Blues type sounds, its influence did not disappear in America.

Children learn through play, and they learn by example. A large divide between little boys and girls is shown in the toy industry.

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Essay about Gender Stereotypes Among Children's Toys