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The title says its all. The Complete Maus. By exceeding literary boundaries and generic expectations, it is thus an essential addition to Holocaust literature. The animal comic "takes these allegorical meanings as a starting point but then proceeds to ignore, qualify, or reverse them" Witek He makes the point that in time of hardship, friends will abandon you quite quickly.

Vladek, after Auschwitz, is making his way home to Anja, and one day Anja receives a letter telling her that he's on his way. Perhaps the most powerful moment comes very close to the end, and it could only come by means of a picture. And this is part of how a reader is able to differentiate between the past and present that is the past Vladeks English is very broken and the present it is improved.

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Hence, animals have long been used by men "to symbolize, dramatize, and illuminate aspects of their own experience and fantasies" 2.

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Essay about Maus: A Survivor's Tale