Define convergence thesis

Convergence theory macroeconomics

In Fig. A more recent study by Lincoln and Kalleberg "stands convergence on its head," arguing that patterns of work organization in the United States are being impelled in the direction of the Japanese model. Austin: University of Texas Press. An early statement of the class convergence thesis was made by Lipset and Zetterberg , to the effect that observed rates of mobility between social classes tend to be similar from one industrial society to another. State-controlled socialism is less the norm in these countries now than is market socialism, which allows for economic fluctuations and, in some cases, private businesses as well. These characteristics led Dore , for example, to argue vigorously against the convergence hypothesis for Japan. Erikson et al.

In recent years the theory has been modified in recognition of the fact that industrial countries become more alike in certain respects than others. Myers Industrialism and Industrial Man.

convergence and divergence theory

In a study of countries between andSachs and Andrew Warner concluded that the industrialized countries had a growth of 2. Importantly, Kerr et al.

Define convergence thesis

Continue Reading. Some studies found no relationship between female labor-force participation and level of industrialization Ferber and Lowry ; Safilios-Rothchildthough there is strong evidence of a trend toward increasing female participation in nonagricultural employment among advanced industrial societies Paydarfar ; Wilensky along with the existence of dual labor markets stratified by sex, a pattern found in both communist and capitalist nations in the s Cooney ; Bibb and Form ; Lapidus A study published in by Inkeles and Rossi, based on data from six industrialized societies, concluded that the prestige hierarchy of occupations was "relatively invariable" and tended to support the hypothesis that modern industrial systems are "highly coherent.

It is claimed that it is only through industrialization that the countries of the Third World will be able to break out of their poverty.

convergence theory of social change

More recently, in the midth century, some East Asian countries converged with other more developed nations.

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Convergence (economics)