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I delivered them their newspapers and they sat and entertained me for about 30 minutes on my walk to school every morning. I did not have the same opportunity so I feel that it is very important for me to provide them with the education they need.

The second is the growing use and implementation of electronic or "eHealth" records. Seeing how she has been treated made it even clearer that this population needs help and has made it a continued interest professionally and personally. Tips were paid daily and basic salary was paid every half a month I have chosen Gibbs reflective cycle as I find this model easily accessible and an effective form of reflection that fits my reflective style See appendix one.

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Not only do they teach you the value of hard work and money — they also shape your understanding of the world. Even the targets I have set for myself have helped me to be more serious about my career path and my future. The second week I got use to the place and people as after the first week I built my confidence as at the beginning I was nervous and shy but as it went along I use to chat with the other colleagues at lunch and so on. I believe it is about the lifestyle I chose to live which is influenced by the society we live in. I think that if I had the opportunity to get an education first, I would do so before trying to earn a living, but in my situation, I had to work. Thus, through social learning, criminal behavior is learned and accepted as the norm rather than something that is deviant I especially never had it far as family is concerned growing up but I did experience it in a youth group in church which was a bad experience. I delivered them their newspapers and they sat and entertained me for about 30 minutes on my walk to school every morning. Amabile et al. My parents had informed me I would be performing this job. There were many good things about the job and some bad things as well. Although some experience can have negative effect on people, they can also have inspiriting results. Without the laws we have in place and the people enforcing them, a lot of year-olds would be smoking — it was an eye-opening experience that time after time people sold me the cigarettes that summer. This activity has to do with little children between the ages of 3 and In the middle of June, I saw they were looking for bus waitress, since I was looking for a job so I asked Ms Ling - the gaffer of the waiters and waitress - to hold the position for me until after my graduation.

Officers, when they are hired with no certifications, are required to sign a two year contract. When we were first told about work experience I thought to my self 'great no school for two weeks. Moreover, I was also given the chance to demonstrate my Korean language skills in placement.

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These areas are different for every person, and they are what make us unique.

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