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By working at long rows of tables, students can see the work being done by others and communicate freely. Public-key encryption technology is increasingly accepted as a means of protecting data and authenticating users.

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Unlike academic research, corporate research is often driven by the needs of a company to remain financially solvent and to be accountable to shareholders. Scientific communities must organize themselves better to select information for acquisition and for retention.

Originally developed in the United States by the Department of Defense, the National Science Foundation, and other agencies to support scientific and technical collaboration, 6 the Internet now serves a much wider range of purposes.

These spaces tend to have long rows of tables with only enough chairs for each student to have one.

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In some disciplines, senior researchers are listed last and in others they are listed first. To contribute to public policy decisions, researchers must be able to separate their expertise as scientists from their views as advocates for particular public policy positions. The report observed that research in the pre—World War II United States—academic research in particular—was a mostly small-scale avocation of individual scientists, supported by limited funding from industry, government, and foundations. New users have been able to avoid substantial capital expense and the burden of depreciation of that investment. Furthermore, they often contribute to these discussions outside the peer-reviewed literature, whether in public forums, blogs, or opinion articles in newspapers. Re-creating the steps from data to results can be impossible without a detailed knowledge of data production and analyzing software, which sometimes is dependent on the particular computer on which the software runs. Authors from China also increased their share of internationally coauthored articles from 5 percent to 13 percent between and Students from different countries may have quite different expectations regarding such issues as conflicts of interest, the deference to be accorded instructors and mentors, the treatment of research subjects, the handling of data, and the standards for authorship. Makerspace Playbook School Edition - This downloadable book can help you get started in creating a makerspace at your school. These challenges can be seen in scientific research conducted in an industrial setting, scientific research conducted in university and research institutions in collaboration with industry, and university research that leads to entrepreneurial efforts by the researchers, requiring that they integrate both within themselves and in their professional behavior often divergent cultural understandings about the nature, purposes, and outcomes of research.

Want to learn more about makerspaces? Whether these opportunities account for part of the increase in reports of undesirable research practices is unclear, but they can make the research environment more complicated and difficult than when teams were smaller, colocated more regularly, and more homogeneous in terms of discipline or nationality.

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New users have been able to avoid substantial capital expense and the burden of depreciation of that investment. They rely more on sophisticated software and computer models both in the analysis and in the presentation of results. Having seen the success of academic research products such as Gatorade and the Google search algorithm patent in generating revenue, institutions may hope that their researchers can achieve similar results. New competition will drive down the cost of telephony and offer new applications. This can pose challenges in terms of defining appropriate behavior and establishing guidelines for dealing with conflicts of interest, and it can complicate collaborations among individual researchers and among organizations. In , use of e-mail was less than a decade old, and the World Wide Web had just been invented and was not widely known. Several factors are driving the trend toward larger-scale research in general and in specific fields Stephan, a. A number of the conventions and practices that constitute scientific authorship have been influenced by the trends discussed previously in this chapter. Scientific activity will have to follow and potentially benefit from or suffer because of the standards and pace set by others. Chapter 7 explores the challenges to research integrity arising in the area of authorship, and Chapter 8 considers alternatives for addressing them. This ownership of the materials invests students into the projects and can lead them to communicate more because they want to share their ideas with the makerspace community.

Financial Conflict of Interest FCOI policy, research funded by the Public Health Service requires institutions to maintain and enforce a FCOI policy; manage, reduce, or eliminate identified conflicts; report identified conflicts, the value of the conflicts, and a management plan to the Public Health Service Awarding Component; and publish significant financial interests of any personnel involved in the research on a publicly accessible website HHS, b.

In many fields, the development of standards governing the application of technology in the derivation of research results remains incomplete even as continuing technological advances raise new issues.

Explore the trends and issues of

We share what we make, and help each other make what we share — makerspaces are collaborative and students are encouraged to learn from one another. Other commercially available computer-based tools and technologies have enhanced collaborative work by facilitating cooperative research involving, for example, the use of remote instruments, and electronic data publishing that speeds the dissemination of research results. In addition to the purely technical issues raised by these requirements, however, the research agenda for creating such "collaboratories" must address fundamental psychosocial questions. Over the past few decades, the link between scientific knowledge and issues in the broader society has become ever more apparent. Consequently, researchers have to manage data in new ways and may be held to higher standards of knowing and understanding other research that has been done in their area. And while technology is making many aspects of research more efficient, it may also create new tasks and responsibilities that are burdensome for researchers and that they may find difficult or impossible to fulfill. These challenges include the potential of economic incentives to introduce scientific bias, the perception of conflict of interest due to economic incentives, and the potential effect of intellectual property protection on the timely dissemination of knowledge. In computing, vendors put substantial effort into proprietary approaches to protect market share.
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