Functions of the muscular system

In the leg, there are muscles called adductors whose role is to adduct pull together the legs. Smooth Smooth muscle forms the walls of most blood vessels, glands and organs within the body.

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Each type of muscle also has its own special role that it performs within our bodies. Cardiac Muscle Found only in the heartcardiac muscle is responsible for pumping blood throughout the body. The muscular system controls numerous functions, which is possible with the significant differentiation of muscle tissue morphology and ability.

How does the muscular system work

Although most skeletal muscles are under voluntary control, they can also contract reflexively -- such as blinking when an insect flies toward your face or pulling your hand away from a hot surface. Smooth and cardiac muscles act involuntarily. Compared to the isometric contraction, the isotonic contraction uses far more energy, and it also lasts longer. Other muscles use a hybrid of these two, like the brachioradialis, which is named after a region brachial and a bone radius. Because skeletal muscles move the insertion closer to the immobile origin, fixator muscles assist in movement by holding the origin stable. Cardiac myocytes are shorter than skeletal equivalents and contain only one or two centrally located nuclei. For example, your rectus abdominus, transverse abdominus and oblique muscles protect your abdominal organs from the front and side. What do muscles do? It allows the teeth to close with a force of up to 55 pounds on the incisors or pounds on the molars. This essential function provides life-sustaining oxygen and nutrients to your body organs and tissues. Skeletal muscles are under voluntary control. Below is a 3-D model of the muscular system, which is fully interactive. Conversely, if you're dehydrated or suffer a significant blood loss, the smooth muscle of your blood vessels contracts to help maintain your blood pressure and ensure continued circulation to your brain and other vital organs. Origin and Insertion. The arrangement of protein fibers inside of the cells causes these light and dark bands.

Visible striations in skeletal and cardiac muscle are visible, differentiating them from the more randomised appearance of smooth muscle. The bones of the spine and the ribs provide further protection.

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Muscles and fitness The muscular system and in particular skeletal muscle go hand in hand with fitness. With each contraction of your heart, blood is pumped through your circulatory system.

Uterine smooth muscle tissue, called the myometrium, proliferates during pregnancy and provides the strong propulsive force that enables a vaginal delivery.

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The Muscular System