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Formulaic Breakdown On February 18th,TechCrunch published an article [19] in an attempt to explain the meme's appeal by breaking down the basic formula of its setup. In response, members of the Islamic Brotherhood uploaded their own Harlem Shake video shown below, right wearing print out masks featuring members the National Salvation Front, the group's primary opponents.

Some of the more notable incidents include: In February, a New York high school ice hockey team was forced to forfeit a first-round playoff game after they uploaded a video of themselves doing the Harlem Shake while scantily clothed in a locker room.

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Search Interest. Collectively, they have been watched more than 44 million times in a week. In the following days, the protests in Egypt and Tunisia were soon picked up by the Western news media outlets, including the Washington Post [27]The Daily Dot [28]Yahoo!

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After the video was uploaded on February 15,it gained media attention, causing the U. In its simplest form, it could be made with just one person; [17] a more sophisticated version might even involve a crowded stadium.

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Success[ edit ] This success of the videos was in part attributed to the anticipation of the breakout moment and short length, making them very accessible to watch. So thank or blame these guys.

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Shortly after the breakout of Harlem Shake in , one of the montage videos on YouTube shown below was renamed to include "Origin of Harlem Shake" in the title. On February 14th, it reached an all-time high on iTunes, reaching 3 on their overall sales chart in the US. In March, the U. The students and team players were flying for a tournament in San Diego. According to the National Coalition against Censorship, approximately students across the United States have been suspended for participating in the meme. Or is it a flash in the pan? The videos, which were created by OnkleSaft as a way to entice tourists to visit the city of Trondheim [12] , begin with a peaceful view of a landmark site before suddenly jumping to another scene from the same vantage point where the entire group is shown dancing wildly to Dubstep music. The Norwegian Harlem Shake This one's weird, but the winters are long, dark and cold up in Norway, okay? The Firefighters Harlem Shake And one for the ladies now. Two days later. It stated that there were too many versions already on YouTube, and that such publicity efforts could become "lost amidst all the noise.

The Norwegian Harlem Shake This one's weird, but the winters are long, dark and cold up in Norway, okay?

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