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However, the revealing of modern technology differs from that of earlier, non-machine-powered technology, in a fundamental way. We must ask: What is the instrumental itself? One is ancient technology, the other modern technology. If we want to move towards a new interpretation of being, this would itself be a technological intervention: we would manipulate our manipulation, exerting power over our way of exerting power.

Rather than being a means for an end, technology is a way of understanding the world.

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Among his peers Heidegger was the few to talk about technology, its essence and how this essence relates with man, and be prominent in the field. To question technology, we must play according to the medium from which we convey information and that is through language. Who would ever deny that it is correct? In truth, however, precisely nowhere does man today any longer encounter himself, i. He utilizes technology in explaining the nature of man. But, Heidegger claimed that modern technology is prior, historically prior to the development of modern sciences. The way is one of thinking. This weighing of relevance on the insight of Martin Heidegger would be viewed under the perspective of existentialism.

Thus it is an authentic life if you are no enslaved by technology, when you act upon your own individuality. The Greeks had not chosen for their framework just like we have not chosen for ours.

Technology is therefore no mere means. But this much remains correct: modern technology too is a means to an end.

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It is a danger because when the real is concealed it may be misinterpreted. Enframing, the essence of technology then, is the danger.

It is not.

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What he, in fact, shows is that we could build a power plant in the first place, because we have already been interpreting the river Rhine as something technological, something that was raw material ready for human manipulation.

We press on past the essence of technology… The essence of technology is ambiguous.

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Notes on Heidegger’s ‘The Question Concerning Technology’