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He was not yet living with the residue of the two plane crashes that had ruptured his liver, his spleen, and one of his kidneys, collapsed his lower intestine, crushed a vertebra, left first-degree burns on his face and head, and caused concussion and losses of vision and hearing.

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Only the first part of this book concerns Hemingway as fisherman. As a foreign correspondent, he learned how to create a romantic image and generate publicity.

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Malcolm Cowley, Marcelline Sanford, A. There are arresting glimpses here and there, fragments shored against what the writer must have seen as his ruin, and a sympathetic reader might well believe it possible that had the writer lived which is to say had the writer found the will and energy and memory and concentration he might have shaped the material, written it into being, made it work as the story the glimpses suggest, that of a man returning to a place he loved and finding himself at three in the morning confronting the knowledge that he is no longer the person who loved it and will never now be the person he had meant to be. I started out very quiet and I beat Mr. The power of the paragraph, offering as it does the illusion but not the fact of specificity, derives precisely from this kind of deliberate omission, from the tension of withheld information. Pauline phoned Hemingway to tell him what happened, became involved in a violent quarrel, and died the next day. He was charmingly chivalrous. This is very difficult.

Like a film star, he was handsome, glamorous, wealthy, well-traveled, and much married. Hemingway created his own personality by force of will.

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In the late summer of what year? He was not a great athlete or scholar but constantly reported his own minor exploits in the Oak Park Trapeze. Even the works written by those who hardly knew Hemingway tell us something about the culture in which he lived. Malcolm Cowley, Marcelline Sanford, A. They are sentimental, coy, and curiously dull. The authors of these memoirs were related by blood and friendship, connected by rivalry and hostility. Pauline phoned Hemingway to tell him what happened, became involved in a violent quarrel, and died the next day. Paris was very different from Oak Park. If I can do it I will make more money for the Government than any Texas oilman that gets his depreciation. Hemingway invited her to Idaho the day before Christmas and gave her generous help. I recall being surprised, when I was teaching George Orwell in a class at Berkeley in , by how much of Hemingway could be heard in his sentences. He was a good fighter, too, a hell of a fighter. His chronology is inaccurate and his text filled with errors. They distorted the facts but laid the shaky foundations of his biography. In Papa , Gregory bitterly says he did not feel loved by his parents.

Ernest and Hadley are at odds with each other over Pauline, so they all take refuge at Juan-les-Pins. You ought to be able to see that, Fenton. In Venice he is a tired, jaded, hard-drinking sentimentalist; in Havana, rude, dominating, obsessive; in their final meeting, shattered and tearful.

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The Sun Also Rises created the most powerful literary image of Spain and of the Lost Generation and quickly influenced American youth. Their viewpoints range from reverence and awe to condescension and hostility. Despite her assertions of affection, her portrait of Hemingway is negative. He no longer has fought with the Arditi as Cowley had said in the Portable Hemingway , but still has an aluminum kneecap. In a similar compensatory fashion, Norman Mailer fastened on to the son after he had failed to meet the father, enjoyed bouts of ram-like head-butting with Gregory, and wrote a short preface to his book. Only one of the words has three syllables. Mary was willing to endure almost anything to remain Mrs.
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