How to write acknowledgments in a book

To Aunt Jean: for always being the person I could turn to during those dark and desperate years. What makes it even better are people who share the gift of their time to mentor future leaders.

She thanks her close family and then closes with a joke in line with the subject matter of the book and a blanket acknowledgments to the untold masses who have encouraged her.

acknowledgement sample for book of life

I think that is bull. Variety Variety takes an acknowledgments page from good to great. We thank our partners and friends and writing buddies, and sometimes, we thank booksellers, teachers, and librarians who have been champions of our work.

I love the way John Scalzi puts it; an acknowledgment as a way to let the rest of the world know who made it possible for the book to exist.

how to write dedication and acknowledgement

How do other writers handle acknowledgments? Without their continued efforts and support, I would have not been able to bring my work to a successful completion.

In contrast, the paragraph from Geoff, on the right-hand side, lists many people out by first and last name in one large paragraph, rather than calling them out individually in a more personal manner.

I will always welcome the chance to represent you. There are quite a few different ways to write one of these acknowledgments, but just be sure that you include the name of the individual or his business. A museum employee or zookeeper who granted unusual access to records or an exhibit, for example, may have bent some rules in doing so.

We thank him for the tip because it certainly is different from the acknowledgments we have typically skimmed over.

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Maybe the acknowledgments page is a place you can play it up a bit.

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Write Your Book Acknowledgments (Without Stressing Over It)