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However, our low fares together with our high qualilty service offering enabled us to generate a load factor the percentage of aircraft seating capacity actually utilized of The private company as an issuer entrusts an underwriter firm or a group of firms who help the issuer going public.

Company Financials. For instance, going public could be easy for the company to access to capital market to raise capital via equity, debt or convertible securities. Jetblue faced challenges after the terrorist attacks of September Why New Issues are Underpriced.

After going public, the company is not a private company and has obligations to disclosure annually or seasonally audited reports to public.

However, the median figure is still conservative as it is below the 2. The only way to increase revenue is to increase the ticket price. The key steps are to identify similar or comparable investments and recent market prices for each and to estimate the initial value of asset.

Secondly, the management would over focus on their share price, not operations.

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Also, our competitors use ticketless travel, laptop computers and website bookings. We are undertaking this offering in order to access the public capital markets and to increase our liquidity and intend to use the net proceeds from this offering to fund working capital and capital expenditures, including capital expenditures related to the purchase of aircraft.

We do not participate in any marketing alliances, nor do we currently have a frequent flyer or other loyalty program. So Jetblue also is concerned with it because there are some negative influences on its industry.

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JetBlue IPO Report, Case 28