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Under JIT, each step in the production process is triggered by a notification, or kanban , that is provided to it by the downstream workstation that is a request for a specific quantity of a specific item. Following the war, Japan lacked the cash to finance big-batch, large inventory production methods used by other developed countries. An Example of Disruption In a fire that took place at a brake parts plant owned by the company Aisin destroyed its capacity to produce a P-valve part for Toyota vehicles. Supplier networks — extensions of the factory. In fact, there may be no on-site inventory at all. Lot sizes. Balanced flow — organizing flow scheduling throughput. However, the decision is yours. A workstation is only allowed to produce the exact amount of the authorization. Lot sizes of one — the ultimate lot size and flexibility. During Japan's post-World War II rebuilding of industry: 1 Japan's lack of cash made it difficult for industry to finance the big-batch, large inventory production methods common elsewhere.

The problem trickled through to other suppliers for Toyota, as well. Consequently, there are a number of tools and concepts available for greatly shortening machine setup times. Toyota sends off orders to purchase production parts only when it receives new orders from customers.

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Companies using JIT no longer need to maintain a huge expanse of warehouse space to store inventory. By comparison, a traditional push manufacturing system runs work orders through the production system that are based on forecasts, and which typically result in much larger quantities of inventory in the production system at any given time.

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This method requires producers to forecast demand accurately. The system that they used came to be known as just in time manufacturing, popularized in Western media as the Toyota Production System.

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Just in time JIT manufacturing is a workflow methodology aimed at reducing flow times within production systems, as well as response times from suppliers and to customers.

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