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We can all take action in different ways, even if it just means spreading information, attending a protest or an event, and using your social media platforms to speak your mind. For three years, I was part of the Sadie Nash program — a sisterhood academy where I learned about social injustice, how to be a leader, and, through Nash U, the different types of scholarship and grant opportunities available to students.

I hope I can make a difference and help make our city, state, and our country a better place in the future.

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When I think about my high school experience, three words come to mind — exciting, busy, and educational. After studying mass incarceration and the school to prison pipeline, I created an art installation and hosted an art gallery with my peers where we had an open discussion about the art and the social justice topics.

For me, this support system was both inside and outside of Barringer. After joining a series of skills and knowledge training workshops that subjected the importance of fishery resource and fishery conservation, Community Forestry Management in Chrob Village Chrob is one of the four villages in Kbal Romeas commune, Sesan district, Stung Treng province.

As a first generation college student like me, you need a large support system to make it through high school, navigate the college application and enrollment processes, and feel prepared for the future.

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Chan Mut and other five peoples who live since they born in Nhang Sum village, Stung Treng, used to earn their living by fishing in the Sekong River by using the illegal fishing gears.

Through the Gem Project, I expanded my passion for social justice. We are the next generation. It borders Katot village to the north and west, Kratie province to the south, Srea Sronuk village to the east and is located about 42 kilometers from Stung Treng town.

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