Non blind hijacking

This layer controls many of the aspects in management and initiation of communication between two hosts. A second option to gain the ability to monitor traffic of a port is to craft bogus Address Resolution Protocol ARP replies so that the switch thinks that the real end user has moved to your port.

Regenerating the session id after a successful login. This would work, but it would be suspicious to see a connection to port 23 from portor port Perhaps the best- known active attack is Man-In-the-Middle.

Active hijacking always begins with performing a passive hijacking attack. In order to guarantee that packets are delivered in the right order, TCP uses acknowledgement ACK packets and sequence numbers to create a "full duplex reliable stream connection between two endpoints", with the endpoints referring to the communicating hosts.

Morris, wrote a program that would connect to another computer, find and use one of several vulnerabilities to copy itself to that second computer, and begin to run the copy of itself at the new location.

Transport Layer Below the application layer lays the Transport layer.

session hijacking prevention
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Network or TCP Session Hijacking