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British English spelling and punctuation is preferred.

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Researchers do experiments and when they have interesting results they write them into a paper and publish it in a journal or a repository. Make sure that appropriate units are given. By submitting your article to the International Journal of Psychology you are agreeing to any originality checks your manuscript may undergo during the peer review and production processes.

Examples of Supporting Information include additional tables, data sets, figures, movie files, audio clips, 3D structures, and other related nonessential multimedia files.

Primary sources in psychology: are written accounts of original research, study, or experimentation conducted by the author s of the resource. Please be sure that all imported scanned material is scanned at the appropriate resolution, and that Figures are saved in one of the required formats guidelines here.

Please include all private and public sector sponsors, including government grants, corporate funding, trade associations and contracts.

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Additionally, it offers authors free access to their published articles online and the ability to nominate up to ten colleagues for free access to the article. These will help to identify potential reviewers.

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Parts of a Primary Original Research Article Primary research articles can be identified by a commonly used format or structure. A primary source is the first place research appears.

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The author will have the option of paying immediately with a credit or debit card, or they can request an invoice. A journal without peer review would accept any articles submitted or would leave the choice up to an editor. Units should not be italicised. Word limits include the main text, references, tables and figures, but not title page and abstract. They go through the journal's standard peer-review process and will be accepted or rejected based on its own merit. These articles are fully peer reviewed, edited and complete and are considered fully published from the date they first appear online. Researchers do experiments and when they have interesting results they write them into a paper and publish it in a journal or a repository. All authors should give final approval of the version to be published. Primary research articles will often contain: Title and Author Information - provides the main idea of the article and authors are listed, along with their credentials Abstract - provides a summary of the research article. For further information on recommended file types and requirements for submission, please see here. What is a Primary Original Research Article? The filename for a graphic should be descriptive of the graphic, e. No other changes will be made. For the full list of terms and conditions, please visit the OnlineOpen homepage here. References, Bibliography or Works Cited - lists the publications that the authors cited in the article.
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