Poliomyelitis research paper

Introduction of poliomyelitis

Paul J R. However, in high transmission rate settings, the conditions that support vaccine-derived outbreaks have only been rare because population immunity has been high. It was Robbins who first recognized differences in cell morphology between inoculated and uninoculated cultures 24a. A further highlight of poliovirus research was the adaption of the Lansing strain of poliovirus to mice by the persistent efforts of Charles Armstrong in 1. Y: Plenum; PLoS Biol 16 4 : e Because individual-level data were not available, we could not construct proper Kaplan-Meier estimates of the survival distrubution for each immunization history. A key question is how this loss of population immunity will affect the potential of OPV viruses to spread within and across communities. OPV has been the preferred vaccine for polio eradication because it costs less, can be reliably delivered by volunteers without medical training, and is more effective against poliovirus infection, relative to the inactivated polio vaccine IPV [ 3 , 4 ]. Email: moc. Model equations and more detailed discussions of design decisions and calibration results can be found in S1 Text. Amoss in and kept for decades through numerous intracerebral passages in monkeys In passing, I should like to mention that among all contemporary virologists, it was Max Theiler and likewise John Enders who were highly regarded by Albert Sabin.

Berlin, Germany: Julius Springer; Burnet and Jean Macnamara 4 that there existed antigenic differences between strains of poliovirus. Dalldorf G, Sickles G M. The poliovirus invades the nervous system and can cause irreversible paralysis in a matter of hours.

poliomyelitis ppt

Before Wickman, the thesis of poliomyelitis infection by direct contact had been highly controversial. I shall restrict my remarks to some papers on poliomyelitis, published in the period from towhich I personally consider highly significant.

Poliomyelitis research paper

Widespread immunization with OPV has reduced the annual global burden of paralytic poliomyelitis by a factor of 10, or more and has driven wild poliovirus WPV to the brink of eradication. Heat and physical therapy is used to stimulate the muscles and antispasmodic drugs are given to relax the muscles.

New York, N. Amoss in and kept for decades through numerous intracerebral passages in monkeys In contrast, our model is based on person-to-person transmission among family members and extrafamilial contacts.

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Polio Research Papers