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The code in an ISR can be considered a background task because it only executes when an interrupt is received and does not execute again until another interrupt is received. To identify the potential role of ICT in improving co-modality and inter-modality of international logistics and assess the impact of new AEOLIX solutions to achieve that. Note that the program may consume significant resources on your PC, so you may have to stop it in order to record data or use other programs. Use Ctrl-C to terminate the program. Observe and record the program timing related to interrupts and interrupt service routines. Living lab type: Supply chain visibility ITS corridors affected Partners involved: Northampton University lead ; Unilever; Yusen Description The overall objectives of this test case are as follows: To test, evaluate and enhance the compatibility and interoperability of logistics information standards and technologies adopted by different regions, in particular to support the UK to mainland Europe and China corridors, using the AEOLIX architecture. Discussion: In this lab you will build a cyclic executive with two interrupt service routines. Full-scale operating systems are of course much more complex than this, but for many embedded systems this simple approach to tasking does just fine.

However, note that there are no inputs to the timer. Add the wiper controller functionality in assembly code as the main foreground task. In addition to observing them visually, you will use the oscilloscope monitor these outputs with the oscilloscope to make measurements of the program activity.

Part 2 - Serial Interrupt: Implement the serial interrupt service routine. For example, while the timer overflow ISR is executing, bit 7 of Port B is set high and is set low otherwise.

The routine shall meet the following requirements The UART shall operate at baud, with no parity enabled, one stop bit, and 8 bit data format.

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Interrupt Questions:. In this lab, you make use of a program called RateSender. Your foreground task shall have the same requirements as the windshield wiper task from Lab 3 this means you can re-use code you already have implemented plus changes to meet further requirements.

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The routine shall meet the following requirements: The timer shall operate at 0.

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