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Will the data be analysed using quantitative or qualitative methods?

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If you anticipate any major departures from this, give details and a rationale. The joint working section is, of course, only required if you are proposing a joint project.

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A general timetable for the project is given in the guidelines for the major research project. It might also be useful for you to use Google Scholar to search for articles. Measures that are not well known should be included as an appendix. The Institutional Review Board is the organization that oversees the ethical components of research design. This must include: A literature review of the research area. Many trainees and their supervisors! Remember, whilst there are formal ways of eliciting service user views, such as the use of focus groups and services such as FAST-R Feasibility And Support to Timely recruitment for Research , informal sources of information are also valuable, and can be described here. This process counts as the "peer review" that is required for all NHS ethics applications.

Consideration of ethical issues. In this section provide a brief outline of what your anticipated contribution to the overall study will be, and what will be done by others.

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For qualitative research, describe your interview schedule append a draft and your proposed method of analysis, including the types of "credibility checks" that you propose to use. The reference list gives all cited works.

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In particular, the IRB application process forces researchers to predict the amount of harm that participants may encounter as a result of the experiment and to justify that harm in light of what will be gained AND what the researchers will do to mitigate harm. Submission The proposal is a course requirement, but is not an assessed piece of work. Deciding on an area. The service user involvement section one or two or paragraphs describes how the needs and views of service users or other relevant members of the public have shaped or will shape your project. It would be helpful if you provided an estimate of what the smallest viable sample size would be, so that we and you have an idea of what a worst-case scenario might look like. Show your internal and external supervisors a draft early enough so that you can incorporate their comments into a revised draft before submission. By reading and understanding the research area, you will soon begin to identify gaps in the research. You should also include a fallback plan in case things go pear-shaped which, sadly, in clinical research they often do. How many participants will you use? But there are limits! It is often a good idea to think of all the alternative search terms you could use. What measures will you use?

Method section including participants and measures to be used. It is important to check that this is complete, because reviewers may consult some of your references to understand the background to your study.

These gaps may be areas that have not had much work done on them.

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