Rewrite as a ratio of whole numbers

So, if one were to express "the ratio of men to women", then the ratio, in English words, would be "15 men to 20 women" or just "15 to 20". Conversion factors are simplified ratios, so they might be covered around the same time that you're studying ratios and proportions.

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Express the following ratio in simplest form: miles to 8 gallons The terms in this ratio have different units, so they won't cancel off; there will be units on my simplified ratio. That is the ratio -- the relationship -- of 15 to 5.

Rewrite as a ratio of whole numbers

Round your answer to one decimal place. This is known as the greatest common factor. In particular, the fraction of the group that failed is given by dividing the number of flunking students by the total number of students in the representative group. It is true that 15 has the same ratio to 5 that 3 has to 1. The ratio between pepperoni and non-pepperoni slices is When both values in a ratio have the same unit or designator, there should be no unit or designator on the reduced form of the ratio. Those names are called their ratio.

If both A and B are fractions and have like denominators, multiply both fractions by the denominator to eliminate it and you are left with two whole numbers If both A and B are fractions and have unlike denominators, find the LCD A, B and rewrite the fractions with the LCD as the denominator.

The ratio 3 : 8 is already simplified.

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The units aren't factors, exactly, but they'll cancel in the same manner as do factors. Each number says its name.

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