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The purpose of the differentiation strategy is to enable the organisation to stand out from its competitors.

Sainsburys analysis

Environmental: The decrease of C footmark is has been given a batch of accent to large companies. And if it is not analysed properly or wrongly analysed the whole organisation would be affected in terms of financial crisis. This can give a good thought of what could be improved in the administration and what are the good points about the administration. Power of sellers The power of sellers refers to the demand of the suppliers that the retailers and the supermarkets should pay a definite price for their goods. But the business was later expropriated by the Left Wing government. Legislative factors 6. Overall, these sorts of analysis techniques could be of an excellent advantage for developing new strategies for the organisation. Performing economy in UK and 2. Changes in the macro-environment factors can have a direct impact on not only the Sainsbury J Plc but also can impact other players in the Retail. With advancement of technology the Sainsbury should see that this factor would turn as a weakness or strength for the organisation. This had affected more than 10, online consumers. Skill level of workforce in Retail industry. When operations of the company involve low risks, it can take the courage to experiment in wide market. If the retailers are reluctant to pay the price demanded by the suppliers, the products will not available for resale.

It is best analysis technique for Sainsbury to identify the competitors in the market and set a trend for the industry to compete in environment Ho, Reflective statement By undertaking the study for analyzing the different organizational types and their objectives of working, I have gain knowledge about the difference between public, private and charity organization.

The new merchandise will profit the company earn immense profitableness borders which are going hard to accomplish I the supermarket industry. If both these environments are carefully controlled, the administration would hold the strength to travel really far.

Opportunities This section is available only in the 'Complete Report' on purchase. IT infrastructure opportunities.

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Bureaucracy and interference in Retail industry by government. The company sells a broad scope of merchandises in add-on to nutrient merchandises and they include things like food markets, vesture, intoxicant, books, gifts, electronics, fuel, pharmaceutical drugs, place wares and a batch more.

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Task B: 2 marketing strategies and its impact on Sainsbury's long term growth The 2 marketing strategy options available to Sainsbury Plc to achieve long term growth are as follows: Differentiation Diversification Marketing strategy 1 - Differentiation This is a marketing technique used by an organisation to establish strong and unique identity in the industry.

For example: Sainsbury has different business strategy as compare to its competitor which provide that competitive advantage to survive as leading retail organisation.

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Pestel Analysis of Sainsbury