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Students could create bracelets, bookmarks, or locker magnets.

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Your first task is decide on a product or service. Remember that you cannot vote for yourself You will be graded on the following: Part I. Was this article helpful? What kind of successes and failures have you experienced? If the business owners play their cards right, they can score much-needed venture capital funding and strategic partners who practically guarantee them future success. The contestants of the show try to convince any one of the sharks to invest money in their idea. And the TV show has a lot in common with the normal flow of angel investment. Teamwork and collaboration Reflection and revision of writing Optional fundraising experience! The first step in a successful business plan is to identify your market.

Keep your pitch short and to the point. Shark Daymond John knows retail and especially clothing business. Market analysis summary: This section of your plan should describe who your target market is—your ideal customers.

Failures become less scary the more you experience it. It helps to consult experts like accountants and other business owners when attempting to run your numbers.

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Part 2 Writing the Business Plan You will be writing a business plan that outlines your new start up company. Because the Shark Tank is about television entertainment, it keeps valuation simple.

Even better if you can provide charts and graphs so that you can make it easy for investors to visualize your financial plan.

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The Shark Tank Formula for Entrepreneurial Success