Stadium architecture thesis

This is in part due to a lack of a proper home for the local team, and a physical place for the community to identify with the sport. Where, in decades gone by these spaces have been neglected now their relevance to society is being acknowledged. As sport became more popular, stadia were built in many Greek towns alongside with hippodromes.

cricket stadium thesis

The Fifth Generation stadium is a less tangible piece of architecture than the previous four generations; it will be identified and categorized by its global presence and by its regional regenerative potential. They create precincts where people gather to enjoy themselves, and representation of that enjoyment' is a new concept architecture.

It is a place where people come together to celebrate sport, see a show, congregate for self expression or some other similar social event. Designed as a soccer-specific stadium, the facility will transform into a space that is used by the community even on non-match days, and will galvanize a fan base that will now be able to access the venue through public transportation.

cricket stadium design thesis

Support for the local squad is rooted in these childhood memories and experiences, and is manifest in the passions of the fan.

This will increase the acceptance of society and the stadium can become a self-evident and lively part of a city.

rethinking stadium architecture
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