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Maggi went on to create a whole new product category and caught the fancy of kids across the country in no time. Maggi was positioned as the only hygienic homemade snack! The goal of positioning is to locate the brand in the minds of consumers to maximise the potential benefit to the firm. The data were collected through interview method by using a structured questionnaire. Advertising strategies: focusing on kids. Opinion No. So, the company had to revert to the original make. The goal of the STP process is to guide the organisation to the development and implementation of an appropriate marketing mix. Though the consumers are willing to buy the product which have taste but also includes ingredients which are good for health of the consumer. Maggi Today The year saw India leading in worldwide Maggi sales. In the income wise category the brand association was highest with the income group of 25kk were more than 40 respondents associated Maggi with noodles see exhibit 2.

Q-2 what comes first in your mind when you hear the word Maggi? National Accreditation Board of India. Nestle India is committed to colaborate and work Maggi has created an impact by targeting the age acively with FSSAI the apex food regulator by groups, household classworking class etc.

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The interest generated by the novelty of the product soon died out and sales began tapering off. According to analysts, Maggi Macaroni was launched partly to deal with the growing popularity of competing noodles brand Top Ramen.

It suggests that 18 out of 20 consumers associates noodles with magi.

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Innovative flavours for Indian taste buds.

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