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It is flown continuously whenever the Govenor General is in residence and on vehicles in which he or she? Our flags are of excellent quality and durability, but are priced low.

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Proclaimed in the Flags Act Below the Union Jack is a white Commonwealth, or Federation, star. The present Australian flag can be considered to consist of three main elements: The Union Jack in the upper hoist quadrant or first quarter also know as the Canton , denoting Australia's historical links with Great Britain. In a seventh point was added to the Commonwealth star to represent the Australian territories. Minor modifications were made on February 20, , and the flag became official for use on government vessels on May 22, What is Talk for Writing? Polyester flags are affordable and attractive while nylon flags are more durable, but costly. There were 32, entries and five nearly-identical entries were awarded equal first. Australia Flags We have Australian flags in 4x6 inch, 12x18 inch, 2ft x 3ft, 3ft x 5ft and 4ft x 6ft sizes in nylon and 3ft x 5ft in Superknit and lower priced polyester. The Commonwealth Flag Network You can register for the Commonwealth Flag Network for up-to-date advice on how to fly the flag on special occasions. Flags Similar to the Australian Flag Several nations and territories have flags with similar appearance to the Australian National Flag, reflecting either a common British colonial history or previous association with Austrlaia.

The Australian Flag is considered the first and the only flag to be chosen in an open public competition. The flag is paraded by our defence forces and displayed around the country at sporting events and by service organisations, schools, community groups and private citizens.

It is a royal blue, twice as long as wide. In this original design the stars of the Southern Cross had different numbers of points to signify their brightness.

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Did You Know? Minor modifications were made on February 20,and the flag became official for use on government vessels on May 22, Gazetted in Proclaimed in the Flags Act

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Australian National Flag