The events surrounding the watts neighborhood riots in california

That's why I was upset when I was walking out of the substation, and I was asked by an L. I was at the tail end of our infantry company, and that guy [Times photographer John Malmin] came up with an entourage of officers.

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There was nobody on the freeway, it was shut down. They stopped our convoy near the Convention Center.

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It was unbelievable. White motorists in the area were pulled out of cars and beaten. He was wrong. That initiative had overturned the Rumford Fair Housing Act, which established equality of opportunity for black home buyers. They busted out all the windows and walked in and started throwing merchandise out of the broken windows. The LAPD was not in the best graces at the time. She was out there feeding them. There was a blurb on TV that my life was threatened. They handed the crates over the center divide. I didn't feel oppressed [before the riots.

It was a reality for us. Overnight, violence had engulfed the streets as mobs clashed with police, set buildings and cars on fire and looted area stores.

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I went out to see what was going on. What do you think they have in common with the Watts riots of ? It looked like that picture. She was out there feeding them. It was frightening. My focus was on the police. Such real-estate practices severely restricted educational and economic opportunities available to the minority community. And obviously dark. However, in the interests of space and readability, they have been condensed, without the usual ellipses to indicate cuts. They said he was drunk driving, but he wasn't drunk driving.

And I said, "I can dig it. Please share your stories in the comments below. It was just guard duty after that.

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They didn't call me names. By the time the curfew took effect on Saturday, Aug. You got extra points on exams if you'd been in the military, so many were veterans, as I was.

On television we were seeing pictures of our store and people walking out with ranges and sofas and TVs.

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The vast majority of those who were killed or hurt were civilians. Chief Parker coined the term " Thin Blue Line ", representing the police as holding down pervasive crime. They had just secured one of the hardest-hit areas of Watts, a stretch of rd Street that had been dubbed "Charcoal Alley. There was nobody on the freeway, it was shut down. Los Angeles Times. Brown returned from Greece the next day and was able to tour the riot scenes without incident. To mark the 40th anniversary of the riots, The Times asked nine people, all of whom witnessed the events firsthand, to recount their memories of six days that changed their lives and the course of the city. She now works as a columnist for the Wave newspaper group. They ultimately burned it, with screams of "Burn, Baby, Burn! As the crowd got angrier about the scene they had witnessed, more highway patrol officers arrived and used batons and shotguns to keep the crowd back from the police car. I was there the day [the rioting started]. We had another store on Adams near Crenshaw. Shortly after 7 p. It was hotter than hell, maybe 93 or 94 degrees. There were a lot of mom-and-pop stores, five-and-dime stores and furniture stores.
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Watts Riots in Los Angeles 50 Years Ago: Why Did They Happen?