The reasons of gangsterism cases among

Those who are a product of broken families normally indulge in these kind activities to seek attention and as a outlet for their frustration and unhappiness.

Emerged Factor: Benefits Derived From Illegal Monetary Gains [ TOP ] With regards to monetary gain, the police personnel who were interviewed claimed that they came across gangsters who had been arrested several times for similar offenses.

Psychological factors are not only linked to gang membership but also strongly linked with criminal behavior. Criminogenic Factor: Having Antisocial Peers [ TOP ] In this current study, it was found that amongst the ex-gangsters, having antisocial peers was influential towards crime and gang participation.

A review paper by Mohammad Rahim, Nadiah Syariani, Azizah, Khaidzir, and Geshina Ayu a asserted the strong relationships between psychological factors and criminal behavior as the negative psychological factors are viewed as basic ingredients of crime and criminal behavior.

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Having identified some major causes of school violence, it is imperative to proffer solutions to this social ill. The violent action in those things will influence the teenagers to follow whatever action played by the author.

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We must take concerted interest and act accordingly. Moreover, we must also continue to take care the good name of our teacher this school as well as the parents. Secondly, there is a need to explore other factors beyond what was generated in this qualitative study, for example, predispositions and traits that are pro-gangsterism, and social relationships or environments and rewarding mechanisms that sustain gangster cultures in neighborhoods or hotspots.

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We must take concerted interest and act accordingly. Secondly, motivational talked can also prevent this bad activities. Some of the ex-gangsters said that they were only able to think clearly and calmly after the incident. Police personnel in this study claimed that nowadays teenagers spend more time with their antisocial friends than with their parents or other influential adults causing disengagement with their parents and family members. Students would then be required to take a pledge not to resort to such behavior even if they face severe pressures from other students or as an easy way to make money from others. The second step is to identify data that relate to the already classified themes. The emerged factor pertained to obtaining monetary gain. Worry, hatred, inferiority complex, anger and other negative emotions which fuel violent behaviour, could develop in people when they are exposed to poor parenting or disaccord amongst family members. A newly emerged theme was derived from the raw transcripts, that being monetary gain.

Teenagers are able to gain access to sharp objects and dangerous arms, which they take to school and use to intimidate their peers. Related Interests.

peer influence is the main cause of gangster activities among youths
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The Reasons of Gangsterism Cases Among Teenagers