What are beliefs attitudes and values

For example we may feel strongly that older people should give up their jobs when they reach a certain age, so that younger people can get work. However a person who relies on the logging of a forest for their job may not place the same value.

The support you give to clients should be, as much as possible, in line with their values, attitudes and beliefs, while also in line with your community services organisation and the law. He is unable to return to work as a mechanic. In our various roles, our beliefs, values and attitudes are constantly interacting with those of our peers, friends, family or teachers.

The beliefs that we hold are an important part of our identity. In assessing behaviour, one needs to be aware of capability. What are my views on homosexuality? This may indicate a certain attitude, but the observer needs to delineate the difference between a true attitude and a false behaviour implying an attitude.

Remember, clients have a right to receive a professional service regardless of the attitudes, beliefs and values they hold.

relationship between values attitudes and behaviors

General What political party do I support? What other languages do I speak? Attitudes arise from an inner framework of values and beliefs, developed over time.

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Attitudes, Beliefs, and Values