What is the difference between logical and physical access to the computer why is the security of bo

PL user lifecycle management improves efficiency and boosts security and compliance--benefits that are more pronounced when the CMS is integrated with the provisioning system.

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Investigate options other than traditional keyhole locks for securing areas as is reasonable: Based on the findings from your risk assessment see Chapter 2consider alternative physical security strategies such as window bars, anti-theft cabling i. An additional challenge is correlating the user's network and physical locations.

Vaults have the capabilities to withstand physical damages by potential intruders to keep the contents safe.

Convergence enhances efficiency because user access to physical and IT resources is streamlined, reducing help desk calls. This was last updated in September Continue Reading About access control.

However, multi-technology door readers and smart cards can ease the transition to a single technology. The authentication and subsequent access is called "badging.

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Technical support telephone numbers, maintenance contract numbers, customer identification numbers, equipment serial numbers, and mail-in information should be posted or kept in a log book near the system for easy reference. Physical security allows for established barriers wherever needed to ensure only those with clearance can enter.

Better access management translates to improved security--and enhanced compliance with various regulatory requirements--because users only access the resources they are authorized to, and no more. Implementing access control Access control is a process that is integrated into an organization's IT environment.

Don't say it if you don't mean it--instituting policies that you don't bother to enforce makes users wonder whether you're serious about other rules as well.

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Physical Security vs. Logical Security