Writing a letter to the royal family

Unwilling to do that or give up the woman he loved, Edward decided to abdicate from the throne. The bow is an inclination of the head, the curtsy is a discreet movement, with a slow rise, maintaining eye contact. The approach should outline the nature and purpose of the function.

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The three-page correspondence was written to his close friend Lord Beaverbrook, who was then owner of the Daily Express and Sunday Express newspapers.

Edward, who was writing while living in France insaid he adhered to the warning to prevent enraging his mother Queen Mary and sister-in-law Queen Elizabeth. Only in exceptional circumstances should two or more members of the Royal Family, other than consorts, be invited to the same function, and only then by agreement with the office of the more senior member of the Royal Family.

There is no need to address the private secretary by name, but if there is subsequent correspondence this should be addressed to the actual writer of the reply.

The letter was written in response to a Sunday Express article Most read in Royal. The deputy correspondence co-ordinator at the Palace, Jennie Vine, replied writing that the Queen had "was encouraged to know of [her] interest to our native birdlife" while adding a booklet on swan upping.

She will often give her response to one of her ladies-in-waiting or her Private Secretaries to send on her behalf.

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Whether the consort of a member of the Royal Family should be included in the invitation depends on the nature of the function. She was ecstatic. He then received a reply from a lady-in-waiting which read: "Although unable to accept your invitation to come to your house for tea, because of her very busy schedule, the Queen greatly appreciated your kind thought of her, and Her Majesty was pleased to learn that you too like horses.

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Another youngster, five-year-old Lyndsay, received a letter after the Queen after writing to her to ask to borrow a swan. The point can be raised in the informal enquiry. Unwilling to do that or give up the woman he loved, Edward decided to abdicate from the throne. A member of the public who has previously received personal correspondence from Her Majesty is four-year-old Shaan Dulay, who wrote a letter to the Queen describing his love for horses and inviting her to visit him. It is acceptable, but less usual, to shake hands without bowing or curtsying, especially with younger members of the Royal Family in less formal circumstances. Sign up to our newsletter to get all of our celebrity, royal and lifestyle news delivered directly to your inbox. Preliminary Enquiries It may be both prudent and diplomatic to make an informal enquiry, to the lord-lieutenant or private secretary, as to the possibility of a favourable response prior to extending a formal invitation by letter.

More on:. While it would appear that the Queen rarely, if ever, responds to correspondence from the public, the monarch does in fact spend a portion of her day reading letters from the public, and the official royal website states that she has a "keen interest" in reading the letters.

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