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You should ensure that every paragraph has its own argument, which then connects links back to the overarching Main Topic.

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To focus on the writing aspect, I have just one tip to share with you. Believe me; this one thing is enough to keep the content part right. Now when you know why an essay needs to be written in a formal tone, write accordingly from the next time you start an essay. The title of the composition refers to a spider whose poison is known to make living creatures dance madly. This has to be done to show the readers that you are right. The idea is to provide a hierarchy to your idea and the evidence that supports it. Prompt: How did Henrik Ibsen compose for the stage as a means of evaluating the role of male and female characters in his epoch? There are some key things which you must not ignore while working on this last aspect of PEEL Paragraph. Good marks come to those who take the time to check their work for mistakes. L and T. What you must do is proof read and edit your paragraph. Ask yourself what do you exactly mean by your words? So, this is the part which will do the same. I am trying to say that readers get too many things to grab and this is why they can get confused or feel left away if there will be no linking. Point: Being constantly under pressure, quite a few women experienced hysteria attacks in the XIX century.

When you are explaining an example, you need to convey: Why you think it is important What meaning you see it conveying, and How it is conveying this meaning. The evidence follows. Explanation: By performing her wild dance, Nora tries to keep Torvald from discovering Krogstad's blackmail containing her biggest secret.

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As you already know in the beginning you just express the main point; then in the next paragraph, you move to provide facts and evidence. This is how an essay needs to be written. Understand the tone which the writers use in such writings and try to follow them.

A linking means something which can connect back to the main point. Different schools teach paragraph structure in different ways. You should know that the most critical part of any academic paper is an introduction.

They are plagiarism-free and correctly formatted. Believe me!

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Finding out literary evidence is not a tough thing to do. Point - The writer should offer a clear, concise, and relevant point. When you present an example in you PEEL paragraph, you want to present it in a way that carries the most information. Try to mark out the connections between these ideas. Remember that this is something around which your whole essay revolves. It keeps you organized. So, this is the part which will do the same. You have to back your own claims with stern evidence. Let me explain to you a bit more.

Mastering the art of PEELing will help one come up with perfect essays! You want to read back through your work and look for: Spelling errors Logical inconsitencies Readability When you find errors, make sure that you correct them.

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If the paragraph is a shorter response to a specific question you need to summarise your argument.

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